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Goose Creek Rest Stop Now Open

As of 9:00 Wednesday morning, the Goose Creek rest stop near Harris, Minn. is now open to the public.

The rest stop still remains unfinished even after two years of construction. Fences still block off a partially constructed walkway on the backside of the building.

The cost of the project drew criticism from both locals and state lawmaker.

Back in October of 2018, three State Representatives sent a letter to MnDOT over the price tag 7.6 million from the reconstruction.

In a special investigation from WCCO, MnDOT claimed that the extra costs are due to the extensive work done to the site, and MnDOT Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher says she has asked for a full review of the project.

The rest stop is open just in time to handle the extra traffic heading north for Memorial Day weekend.

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