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Pine City Asks Residents to be Courteous with Chairs

It's a bit of a running joke among residents as to when chairs will be set out for the Pine City Parade. Every year they seem to appear earlier and earlier. And we get it, you need that prime spot to watch those hard to see floats, fire trucks, and marching bands.

Well, the City of Pine City is asking community members to hold off on staking their claim until the day of the parade, Saturday, August 3.

In a post to Facebook, the City said, "Let's be courteous to our fellow community members and local businesses by keeping the sidewalks as navigable as possible."

Sidewalks must be 36 inches to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Chairs and blankets clogging up the sidewalk make navigation by wheelchair or walker difficult.

The City says you can still able to set reserve you spot, but you need to wait until the day of the parade.

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