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Board Chair Lisa Nos-Tollefson Resigns from Pine City School Board

From the Pine City School District:

Today, the Pine City School Board received a letter of resignation from Board Chair Lisa Nos-Tollefson effective immediately. Dr. Nos-Tollefson noted the challenges of serving during a difficult time and expressed confidence that there “are leaders in the community that hold a skill set better suited to meet the needs of our educational district.” She expressed deep care for the students and staff in our community.

“As superintendent, I am deeply saddened that Dr. Nos-Tollefson has been negatively impacted by serving on the school board,” said Superintendent Foley. “As a society, we ask a lot of locally-elected officials. I appreciated working alongside Dr. Nos-Tollefson. This is a difficult resignation to accept and a setback for our community.”

With the resignation, Vice-Chair Dan Peterson will lead the School Board. Filling the vacant seat on the board will be placed on a future Board agenda for discussion.

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