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Concerns Raised by Resident of Hilltop Cottages

Concerns over drugs, trash, and management issues were brought before the Pine City Council last week by a resident at Hilltop Cottages.

Grayson Kennedy said that she had retired from the cities to Hilltop in October of last year.

She told WCMP that she turned to the council because issues over garbage and crime concerns have not been addressed by property management or law enforcement.

"Residents are very frustrated up there at who do they turn to with all this," Kennedy said. "That's what led me to the city council because it is a beautiful spot to live in. It's just we need help up there to get this back in line."

Kennedy also told the city council that some residents have let trash pile up, and it has resulted in infestations of bugs and rodents.

This isn’t the first time issues over crime at Hilltop Cottages have been raised. Sheriff Jeff Nelson had previously spoken to the council because of the call load.

"My concern was that it was a new complex and there seemed to be a large number of calls. That still is a concern," he told WCMP in an email.

Nelson said that there have been 101 for service between November of 2021 and early September. Those calls have resulted in at least seven arrests for various reasons, one citation issued, two cases referred to the County Attorney for possible charges, and three referred to child protection.

When asked about the concerns, the city offered the following statement:

"The City Council is grateful to Grayson Kennedy for stepping forward to report on conditions at Hilltop Cottages. Council members are very concerned about the situation, and we are working with the Sheriff and other County officials to direct the management and owners of Hilltop Cottages to get Hilltop cleaned up, back on track, and make it safe for residents.

Pine City sent out letters last week to MetroPlains and the owners to address safety concerns, and Pine City will be meeting shortly with them, Sheriff Nelson, county officials, and Grayson Kennedy to get down to the bottom of what’s happening at Hilltop."

Kennedy also said that there has been no response from management when she has reached out with concerns.

WCMP reached out to MetroPlains, the property management company, and has yet to receive a response.

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