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Dragons Trap Prepares for State

Here's a Dragon trap shooting update from George Johnson from this past Sunday!

Pine City High School Trap Team Top Guns

Six Dragon sharpshooters ended the season on the coveted varsity level, which

requires an average of 19 targets hit out of 25. Senior Tyer Mohr lead the team with an

average of 20.1. Another senior, Gavin Broz averaged 20, as did junior Nate Burns.

Talen Reitan ended his season on a high note. The junior averaged 19.2. Junior Ryan

Carl and freshman Austin Gariepy rounded out the varsity shooters averaging 19 hits.

All of the varsity level shooters have been on the team since 7 th grade.

Qualifying for junior varsity requires an average between 14 and 18.9. A total of 22

athletes reached that level for the 2024 season, led by freshman Evan Benolken

with17.9. Close behind were sophomore Darien Hall with 17.6 and senior Brody Tayerle

with 17.38. Junior Bryer Berube averaged 17.3, and senior Brady Johnson rounded out

the Dragon’s top guns with 17.25. Macie Babolik, a junior, led female shooters with a

15.8 average followed by sophomore Emma Altmann with 12.63. A total of 38 trap

shooters were at the novice level.

The team’s final tune up for the June 17 state tournament appearance was held on

June 9. Thirty-eight athletes will compete in Class 8A at the level they averaged at the

end of the season. At Sunday’s practice, some of the shooters reflected on their

season. Tyler Mohr said he most enjoyed shooting with friends, and he also

commented on how the coaches were so helpful in getting him to such a high level.

Gavin Broz said he had fun shooting over the last five years. He said, “Everyone should

give it a try. It doesn’t matter if you know how to shoot trap or not. You can learn.”

Brody Tayerle said the secret of his success is to keep calm and shoot for the orange.

He added, “But not when you’re deer hunting.” Austin Gariepy, who qualified as a

varsity shooter this year, said he likes the competition and the good coaching. He also

said that trap shooting is great preparation for the hunting season. Broodie Poorker

stated he just enjoys shooting, especially when the weather is nice. Gage Carroll’s

highlight of the season was winning the Annie Oakley shootout on Fun Day. And one

shooter, who will remain anonymous for obvious reason, said he loved coming to trap

because it got him out of chores.

Considering the harsh conditions at the beginning of the season with the snow, sleet,

rain, cold temperatures, and strong winds, coaches were very pleased with the athletes’

improvement throughout the season. Having so many underclassmen shooting at a

high level portends a good future for the team.

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