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Grantsburg Championship Snowmobile Watercross Cancelled

The 2020 Grantsburg Watercross has become the latest event to become canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following is a press release from the World Championship Watercross Board of Directors:

"As many of you know the World Championship Watercross board of directors has been diligently working with state and local government regarding hosting this year’s race/event. We have weighed many factors in our process. This event is a significant fundraising event for many civic, youth, church, and sports groups in Burnett, Polk, Pine, and other neighboring counties as well as a significant revenue weekend for many local businesses from Hinckley to North Branch and all of Burnett County. While weighing these factors the overwhelming conversations inevitably turned to the health and safety our wonderful community. We have many, many great people here and many great people that come to our town to show support of the event as well as support our local non-profit groups who benefit from this event. With that in mind and with conversations with our local representatives from Grantsburg, we have decided to cancel this year’s event. We will be back in 2021 and we will do everything we can to make that event better than ever.

The health and safety of our community must come first in times like these and although it is disappointing we hope that all of our patrons understand our decision and work with us to make next year the come-back of all come-backs! It will take us some time to get refunds out and we will send letters to all with how that will look. Please help us to get the word out and emphasize that this was a very tough decision for our village leaders and the Watercross board. But all agreed in the end that we need to put our resident’s health and safety above everything else and we all believe that we will return next year with an event that people will be able to enjoy and remember forever. I want to thank our village board for all their time and for the support they give this event and I want to thank all our racers and patrons for your support and understanding."

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