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Pine City Trap Team Shot Well in the Final Week of Competitive Shooting

Here's an update on the Pine City Trap team from Coach Johnson.

Blue skies, temperatures in the low seventies, and a moderate wind greeted the Pine City High School Trap shooters on Sunday, May 14. Many of the shooters rewarded the Mother’s Day crowd with season best performances. Leading the team were juniors Mason LeMon, Zach Watts, and Gavin Broz with high scores of 41 out of 50 targets. Another junior, Brady Johnson continued his hot streak hitting 40 clays, followed by senior Eli Schultz with a 38. Sophomore Ryan Carl continues to shoot well and tied eighth grader Austin Gariepy’s season high score of 37. Bryer Berube, a sophomore, and freshman Evan Doenz maintained their strong season performances, hitting 36 clays. Rounding out the top ten shooters for the Dragons was sophomore Wyatt Nowling with a 35. This was the final week of competitive shooting for the team. Conference scores have yet to be released.

Next Sunday is scheduled for a Fun Shoot rather than the weekly competitive shooting.

Athletes can square off against mom or dad or compete for a trophy in an “Annie Oakley”

shoot. Shooters heading to state competition in Alexandria will have additional opportunities

in the coming weeks to sharpen their shooting skills before the state meet on Tuesday, June 20.

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