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Results from Pine City's Week 5 Trap Shooting

The Dragons wrapped up the regular season on Sunday. They'll begin to prepare for the State meet in June.

With partly cloudy skies and temperature was in the low 70’s, and Dragon trap shooters enjoyed their nicest shooting conditions of the spring. Though the gusty winds caused targets to sometimes move erratically, the scores were some of the highest of the season. Nineteen Dragons topped the leader board for the fifth and final week of the competitive shooting season, with 13 of them beating their season averages.

Ryan Cummings led the team, hitting his season high of 44 of 50 targets. The foursome of Billy Brown, James Schneider, Jacob Goodner, and Terry Drevecky finished right behind Cummings with 43’s. Oscar Gribauval had his season high, hitting 42, followed by Ryan Plasek and Jarred Juhl at 41. Caden Fedder continued his string of strong performances with a 40. Brady Johnson, Ethan Doenz, Evan Doenz, and Alex Johnson all continued to improve with scores of 39 each. Cody Patzoldt and Brody Tayerle had 38’s, and scoring 37’s were Garrett Rehn, Bryer Berube, Ben Huettl, and Oskar Rydberg.

The team has been led through the first four weeks of the season by Jacob Goodner, Caden Fedder, Ryan Plasek, Eli Shultz, and Armani Johnson. All of them average over 40 targets hit each week.

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Photography

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