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Results From the Track and Field Meet in Pine City

A plethora of teams gathered in Pine City on Friday for a track and field meet. Here's a look at how the local teams and athletes did.

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay

1st Pine City 10:56.54, 2nd Mora 10:58.04, 3rd East Central 11:12.82, 4th Braham 11:13.73, 7th Milaca 11:49.07, 8th Rush City 12:34.60

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

1st Kayla Gave Milaca 17.16, 2nd Lydia Bengtson Rush City 18.46, 3rd Corrin Vigstol Mora 18.71, 4th Katie Rocholl Mille Lacs 19.18, 6th Dorothy Miller Pine City 19.52, T7th Ella Anderson Mora 20.02, 9th Addison Sluis Milaca 20.31, 10th Megan Cronin Braham 20.80, 12th June Schleis Mille Lacs 21.49, 13th Addison Blaiser Pine City 21.57, 14th Keira Savely Rush City 21.60, 15th Alyssa Olson Pine City 22.96

Girls 100 Meter Dash

1st Corrina Tvedt Hinckley-Fin 13.78, 2nd Parker Ennis Mora 13.79, 3 Barrett, 4th Ella Doble Braham 14.04, 5th Reina Mikla Milaca 14.17, 6th Lena Roubinek Pine City 14.24, 7th Lydia Bengtson Rush City 14.28, 9th Katey Thieman Pine City 14.34, 10th Violet Cox Hinckley-Finlayson 14.55, 11th Elli Schritz Mora 14.70, T13th Autumn Olson Braham 14.89, T13th Bridget Golly Braham 14.89, 15th Molly Holmgren Mora 15.02, 17th Morgan Macho Pine City 15.36, 18th Nevaeh Merrill Mille Lacs 15.92, 20th Elsie Laursen East Central 16.02, 21st Livia Orsi Milaca 16.58, 22nd Camryn Volk East Central 16.73, 23rd Sara Casavejos Hinckley-Finlayson 16.75, 24th Megan Widell Rush City 17.17

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay

1st Mora 1:55.23, 2nd Pine City 1:56.03, 4th Hinckley-Finlayson 1:57.80, 6th Braham 2:03.50, 7th Milaca 2:04.00, 8th Rush City 2:10.00

Girls 1600 Meter Run

2nd Kannadee Volk East Central 5:44.45, 4th Eva Johnson Pine City 5:50.60, 5th Molly Saboo Mille Lacs 6:05.20, 6th Rachel Brown Pine City 6:08.00, 8th Ava Johnson Braham 6:14.75, 9th Emma Hermanson Pine City 6:37.70, 10th Brianna Mckinnon Mora 6:38.40, 11th Liz Schleis Mille Lacs 6:40.10, 13th Shaina Christensen Milaca 6:41.00, 14th Brittany Carlson Milaca 6:43.80, 15th Lauren Thom Hinckley-Finlayson 6:44.10, 17th Leah Stavig Rush City 7:00.70

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

2nd Pine City 55.55, 3rd Braham 55.95, 4th Milaca 56.34, 6th Mora 1:01.03, 7th East Central 1:01.56, 8th Rush City 1:01.93

Girls 400 Meter Dash

1st Triniti Neuhart Milaca 1:05.24, 3rd Vivian Lahti Pine City 1:07.78, 7th Sophie Lahti Pine City 1:12.67, 8th Gracie Larson Pine City 1:13.86, 9th Alexa Anderson Milaca 1:14.13, 11th Annelise Moe Mora 1:14.62, 12th Karla Qual Mora 1:16.23, 13th Chase Hoebelheinrich Milaca 1:16.60, 14th Ellie Ness Mora 1:17.59

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

2nd Ella Anderson Mora 52.75, 3rd Arissa Rydberg Pine City 54.42, 5th Addison Sluis Milaca 57.25, 6th Addison Blaiser Pine City 1:00.47, 7th Keira Savely Rush City 1:00.82, 9th Alyssa Olson Pine City 1:03.73, 10th Heidi Gregoire Rush City 1:04.79, 11th June Schleis Mille Lacs 1:07.05, 12th Rihanna Smith Mille Lacs 1:13.82

Girls 800 Meter Run

1st Julia Kuhnke Braham 2:31.24, 3rd Lola Schwinghamer Mora 2:36.43, 5th Sophie Hodena Hinckley-Finlayson 2:42.22, 6th Allison Unverzagt Pine City 2:42.73, 7th Ella Sell Pine City 2:43.53, 8th Annika De Garcia Mora 2:43.98, 9th Arabella Presley East Central 2:50.14, 11th Emily Davis Braham 2:51.23, 12th Addison Greninger Milaca 2:54.33, 14th Athena Burma Milaca 2:59.25, 15th Liz Schleis Mille Lacs 3:00.91, 16th Rebecca Wiener East Central 3:03.28, 17th Mackenzie Fournier Milaca 3:04.16, 18th Katelynn Holley Mora 3:26.52

Girls 200 Meter Dash

1st Ella Doble Braham 28.04, 2nd Corrina Tvedt Hinckley-Finlayson 28.18, 3rd Summer Thieman Pine City 28.65, 4th Reina Mikla Milaca 28.79, 5th Parker Ennis Mora 28.86, 7th Katie Yoder Mora 29.08, 8th Mallory Clepper Pine City 29.10, 9th Violet Cox Hinckley-Finlayson 30.10, 11th Bailey Gorsegner Mora 30.25, 12 Merchlewitz, 13th Gracie Larson Pine City 30.78, 15th Makenzie Golly Braham 31.04, 17th Elsie Laursen East Central 33.28, 18th Nevaeh Merrill Mille Lacs 33.50, 19th Sara Casavejos Hinckley-Finlayson 35.10, 20th Livia Orsi Milaca 35.27

Girls 3200 Meter Run

1st Jemi Keranen East Central 12:35.96, 2nd Eva Johnson Pine City 12:47.59, 3rd Eva Holmgren Mora 12:54.37, 5th Rachel Brown Pine City 13:22.21, 6th Autumn Stream Rush City 13:27.34, 7th Avery Shockman Braham 14:58.52, 9th Sequora Hahn Rush City 16:15.38 Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

2nd Pine City 4:31.46, 4th Mora 4:47.00, 5th Milaca 4:51.25, 6th East Central 4:56.13, 7th Rush City 4:58.35, 8th Mille Lacs Raiders 4:59.99

Girls Long Jump

1st Elli Schritz Mora 14-10.25, 3rd Abby Aagaard Pine City 14-04.75, 6th Mallory Clepper Pine City 14-02.50, 7th Katie Rocholl Mille Lacs 14-01.00, 8th Dorothy Miller Pine City 13-00.75, 9th Violet Cox Hinckley-Finlayson 12-11.50, T10th Abby Anderson Milaca 12-08.00, 12th Alayna Heintz Rush City 12-07.00, 13th Corrin Vigstol Mora 12-03.50, 14th Avery Shockman Braham 12-03.00, 15th Chase Hoebelheinrich Milaca 12-00.00, 16th Rihanna Smith Mille Lacs 11-04.25, 17th Megan Widell Rush City 10-07.00, 18th Livia Orsi Milaca 10-04.50, 19th Lauren Thom Hinckley-Finlayson 10-02.50, 21st Sara Casavejos Hinckley-Finlayson 9-00.50,

Girls Triple Jump

1st Dorothy Miller Pine City 31-09.00, 2nd Abby Aagaard Pine City 31-00.00, 5th Abby Anderson Milaca 28-09.00, 6th Elli Schritz Mora 28-03.00, 7th Morgan Macho Pine City 27-04.00, 8th Alison Shockman Braham 27-02.00, 9th Addison Sluis Milaca 26-03.00

Girls High Jump

1st Gemma Lenzen Hinckley-Finlayson 4-10.00, 2nd Abby Anderson Milaca 4-08.00, 3rd Katie Rocholl Mille Lacs J4-08.00, 5th Lillian Voss Milaca 4-06.00, 6th Teresa Root Pine City J4-06.00, 7th Ria Edberg Mora 4-04.00, 8th Kady Hermanson Pine City J4-04.00, 9th Vivian Lahti Pine City 4-02.00, 9th Genna McCallum Mora 4-02.00, 12th Karla Qual Mora 4-00.00, 13th Rihanna Smith Mille Lacs 3-10.00

Girls Shot Put

1st Lena Roubinek Pine City 34-01.00, 3rd Maggie Smetana Pine City 30-03.00, 4th Gemma Lenzen Hinckley-Finlayson 30-02.00, 5th Abby Biniek Mille Lacs 30-01.00, 7th Julia Hockban Pine City 29-01.00, 8th Lily Hanson Mora 28-06.00, 9th Elaine Truebenbach Milaca 28-05.00, 10th Samantha Widell Rush City 27-08.00, 11th Alexis Ertz Rush City 27-03.00, 13th Bridget Nolan Mora 26-05.00, 14th Olivia Gray Mille Lacs 26-02.00, 15th Alaiysha Nickaboine Mille Lacs 25-05.00, 16th Jenaya Gerrard Milaca 25-04.50, 18th Ellie Faber Mora 24-00.00, 19th Mackenzie Arnoldi Braham 23-10.00, 20th Elsie Laursen East Central 23-06.00, 21st Athena Burma Milaca 23-04.00, 22nd Emily Perslin Rush City 20-09.00, 23rd Camryn Volk East Central 19-11.00, 24th Trinity Ritchie East Central 19-09.50, 25th Ivie Beutel Hinckley-Finlayson 18-07.50, 27th Evelyn Klein Hinckley-Finlayson 17-05.00

Girls Discus Throw

1st Maggie Smetana Pine City 111-11, 2nd Abby Biniek Mille Lacs 84-11, 3rd Gemma Lenzen Hinckley-Finlayson 84-00, 4th Julia Hockban Pine City 82-05, 5th Chloe McKellar Pine City 81-11, 6th Alaiysha Nickaboine Mille Lacs 80-07, 8th Olivia Gray Mille Lacs 77-11, 9th Bridget Nolan Mora 74-11, 10th Alexis Ertz Rush City 71-09, 11th Lily Hanson Mora 71-08.50, 12th Samantha Widell Rush City 70-00.50, 13th Ria Edberg Mora 68-01.50, 14th Elaine Truebenbach Milaca 64-01, 17th Jena Mitzel Milaca 60-01, 18th Oiliva Birnbaum Milaca 59-09, 19th Camryn Volk East Central 57-06, 21st Mackenzie Arnoldi Braham 54-09.50, 23rd Ivie Beutel Hinckley-Finlayson 48-04, 24th Emily Perslin Rush City 43-01, 25th Evelyn Klein Hinckley-Finlayson 28-03

Girls Pole Vault

1st Reina Mikla Milaca 8-06.00, 2nd Alexa Anderson Milaca 8-00.00, 5th Mikayla Ertz Rush City 7-00.00, 6th Genna McCallum Mora J7-00.00, 7th Kennadee Volk East Central J7-00.00, 8th Nora Houglum Mora J6-06.00, T10th Arabella Presley East Central 6-00.00, T10th Gracie Larson, Pine City 6-00.00, T10Addison Blaiser Pine City 6-00.00

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

2nd Milaca 47.83, 3rd Rush City 48.01, 5th Mora 49.48, 7th Pine City 51.02, 8th Hinckley-Finlayson 54.23

Boys 4x200 Meter Relay

1st Mora 1:37.02, 4th Milaca 1:44.00, 5th Pine City 1:45.17, 6th Rush City 1:46.00, 7th Braham 1:47.00, 8th Hinckley-Finlayson 1:54.04

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

1st Nolan Anderson Rush City 16.19, 2nd Tayven Peterson Mora 16.80, 3rd Owen Dick Rush City 18.56, 6th Dylan Chlebeck East Central 19.83, 8th Harrison Hultman Milaca 20.11

Boys 4x800 Meter

1st Pine City 9:40.26, 2nd Mora 9:41.80, 4th Rush City 9:54.60, 5th Milaca 10:02.32

Boys 100 Meter Dash

1st Chase Lindaman Mora 12.02, 3rd Jason Thieman Pine City 12.20, 5th Ryan Prihoda Pine City 12.26, 6th Jack Schoenborn Milaca 12.32, 7th Ethan Jackson Milaca 12.38, 8th Josh Swanson East Central 12.39, 10th Andrew Thole Rush City 12.53, 11th Austin Rudek Mora 12.68, 13th Maverick Southerland Mora 12.77, 14th Memphys Campbell Braham 12.90, 17th Skylar Belsheim Braham 13.31, 19th Tyler Eklund Braham 13.61, 20th Dylan Googins Hinckley-Finlayson 13.67, 21st Randy Barrett Hinckley-Finlayson 13.68, 22 Atkinson, 23rd Frank Betters Pine City 13.73, 24th Caleb Major Rush City 14.23

Boys 1600 Meter Run

2nd Charlie Ausmus Pine City 4:46.92, 5th Eli Fromm Pine City 5:01.91, 6th Weston Clementson Pine City 5:02.55, 11th William Lange Milaca 5:18.49, 12th Steinbrecher Rollie Milaca 5:21.11, 14th Brayden Ertz Rush City 5:31.60, 15th Joey Papke Rush City 5:36.06, 17th Ted Anderson Mora 5:44.97, 18th Jack Lind Mora 5:51.27, 19th Isaak Coolidge Braham 5:52.36, 20th McCoy Cooper Hinckley-Finlayson 5:56.11, 21st Levi Armstrong Rush City 6:27.32, 22nd Brandon Lund Braham 8:08.01

Boys 400 Meter Dash

1st Connor Gmahl Mora 55.57, 2nd Jackson Kvien Milaca 56.77, 5th Jack Patnode Milaca 58.73, 6th Josh Brinker Pine City 58.89, 7th Drake Willert Pine City 59.42, 11th Landon Ganote Pine City 1:02.39, 13th George Deedrick Rush City 1:05.18, 14th Brennan Rankins9 Mora 1:10.64

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

1st Tayven Peterson Mora 44.22, 2nd Nolan Anderson Rush City 44.27, 3rh Memphys Campbell Braham 44.95, 5th Trace Hasz Milaca 47.91, 8th Kameron Jusczak Pine City 49.38, 9th Dylan Chlebeck East Central 50.24, 10th Harrison Hultman Milaca 52.70, 13th McCoy Cooper Hinckley-Finlayson 57.75

Boys 800 Meter Run

2nd Charlie Ausmus Pine City 2:09.95, 4th Tyler Eklund Braham 2:13.79, 6th Karl Meissner Rush City 2:16.40, 8th Weston Clementson Pine City 2:21.43, 9th Owen Marohn Mora 2:22.40, 10th Lucas Kreft Hinckley-Finlayson 2:23.10, 15th Luciano Schisano Rush City 2:34.20, 16th Jonah Jacobson Mora 2:35.60, 17th Ethan Asher Milaca 2:38.30, 18th Levi Armstrong Rush City 2:56.50

Boys 200 Meter Dash

2nd Jackson Kvien Milaca 24.57, 3rd Andrew Thole Rush City 24.66, 4th Jack Schoenborn Milaca 24.88, 5th Ryan Prihoda Pine City 25.06, 6th Josh Swanson East Central 25.24, 7th Connor Gmahl Mora 25.26, 9th Dllas Fix Mora 25.38, 10th Austin Rudek Mora 25.53, 11th Josh Brinker Pine City 25.79, 15th Dutch Kuperus Milaca 26.09, 18th Dylan Googins Hinckley-Finlayson 27.37, 19th Lucas Kreft Hinckley-Finlayson 27.40, 20th Landon Ganote Pine City 27.68, 21 Atkinson, 22nd Caleb Major Rush City 29.14

Boys 3200 Meter Run

3rd Alex Williams Mora 11:14.47, 6th Eli Fromm Pine City 11:32.65, 7th Braden McKinnon Mora 11:43.04, 8th Derrick Diethelm Mora 11:45.29, 10th Ethan Aagaard Pine City 11:57.03, 12th Roman McKinney Pine City 12:48.01, 13th Gabriel Jergens Milaca 12:50.69, 14th George Deedrick Rush City 13:20.56, 15th Brandon Lund Braham 17:03.60

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

2nd Pine City 3:48.22, 4th Rush City 3:53.83, 5th Milaca 4:05.53, 6th Mora 4:14.76

Boys Long Jump

1st Jason Thieman Pine City 19-08.00, 2nd Owen Dick Rush City 18-09.00, 3rd Ryan Prihoda Pine City 18-08.50, 4th Nolan Anderson Rush City 18-08.25, 6th Dllas Fix Mora 17-07.00, 7th Jack Schoenborn Milaca 17-02.50, 8th Maverick Southerland Mora 16-11.75, 9th Raymond Gatzke Pine City 16-02.25, 10th Derrick Diethelm Mora 15-10.25, 13th Jack Patnode Milaca 15-01.75, 15th Randy Barrett Hinckley-Finlayson 15-00.25, 18th Caleb Major Rush City 12-09.50

Boys Triple Jump

1st Ryan Prihoda Pine City 37-09.00, 2nd Dylan Chlebeck East Central 35-05.00, 5th Raymond Gatzke Pine City 33-09.00, 6th Lucas Kreft Hinckley-Fin 32-09.50, 9th Owen Marohn Mora 31-10.00, 10th Anthony Bergeron Pine City 31-00.00, 11th Harrison Hultman Milaca 30-08.50

Boys High Jump

3rd Dallas Fix Mora J5-04.00, 4th Harrison Hultman Milaca J5-04.00, 5th Trace Hasz Milaca 5-02.00, 6th Brycen Lotz Braham 5-00.00, 7th Ramsey Keranen East Central J5-00.00, 8th Skyler Belsheim Braham J5-00.00, T9th Kameron Jusczak Pine City 4-10.00

Boys Shot Put

2nd Crosby Keranen East Central 42-08.00, 4th Micah Overtoom Pine City 40-03.00, 5th Marcel Richey Hinckley-Finlayson 38-07.00, 6th Jace Preston Pine City 38-05.00, T8th Nic DePaulis East Central 36-00.00, T8th Brock Peterson Mora 36-00.00, 10th Breckin Mortenson Mora 35-11.00, 11th Curtis Maegi Mora 35-07.00, 12th Montgomery Palmer Rush City 35-06.00, 14th Edwin Oquist Braham 33-10.00, 15th Logan Kolecki Pine City 33-06.00, 17th Brycen Lotz Braham 31-04.00, 18th Carson Ash Milaca 31-03.00, 20th Devyn Klar Hinckley-Finlayson 28-08.00, 21st Shane Olson Milaca 28-07.00, 22nd Licoln Burroughs Milaca 28-02.00, 25th Harrison Kreft Hinckley-Finlayson 26-11.00, 26th Isaac Eklund Braham 23-08.00

Boys Discus Throw

2nd Micah Overtoom Pine City 126-10, 6th Josh Bankers Mora 114-02.50, 7th Andrew Thole Rush City 113-08.50, 8th Crosby Keranen East Central 111-01.50,10th Nic DePaulis East Central 106-08, 12th Montgomery Palmer Rush City 92-00, 13th Tucker Kubesh Pine City 89-02, 14th Breckin Mortenson Mora 88-02, 15th Logan Kolecki Pine City 87-07.50, 16th Shane Olson Milaca 87-01.50, 17th Marcel Richey Hinckley-Finlayson 84-08, 18th Brycen Lotz Braham 83-02, 19th Carson Ash Milaca 82-10.50, 20th Brock Peterson Mora 82-10. 21st Harrison Kreft Hinckley-Finlayson 79-03.50, 22nd Lincoln Burroughs Milaca 74-11.50, 24th Isaac Eklund Braham 64-09, 25th Edwin Oquist Braham 59-03, 26th Devyn Klar Hinckley-Finlayson 57-07

Boys Pole Vault

2nd Owen Dick Rush City 10-00.00, 3rd Maverick Southerland Mora 9-00.00, 6th Levi Armstrong Rush City 7-06.00, T7th Levi Wilson Pine City 7-00.00, T7th Daimien Lord Pine City 7-00.00, 9th Colin Miche Pine City 6-00.00, 10th Dylan Googins Hinckley-Finlayson J6-00.00

Women Team Rankings

2nd Pine City 161, 3rd Mora 86.5, 4th Milaca 80, 5th Hinckley-Finlayson 48, 6th Braham 43, 8th Mille Lacs Raiders 33.5, 9th East Central 30, 10th Rush City 23.5

Men Team Rankings

2nd Pine City 120, 4th Mora 93.5, 5th Rush City 77.5, 6th Milaca 67, 7th East Central 26.5, 9th Braham 17, 10th Hinckley-Finlayson 9

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