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5-25 News: Art in the Park 2017

Art in the Park

Art in the Park is back for summer 2017 starting this Friday.

Adrienne Roubinek of the Pine City Arts Council says once major change will improve the concert series.

This year, Arrowhead Transportation will provide busing to anyone within 3 miles of the Pine City area.

She also added that there’s another slight change this year for those going.

The start time of the meal before the concerts will be at 5:30 with the music at 6.

The first art in the park performance of the year is this Friday night.

NLX versus Braham

The plan that build a centralized light rail system to Pine County has been met by some resistance.

The Northern Lights Express is the proposed light rail system between Minneapolis and Duluth.

Community leaders in Braham have expressed concern due to the proposed train’s vicinity to Freedom Park and the noise and potential danger it would bring.

The Passenger Rail Alliance Board in charge of the project is considering a fence in that area to prevent those issues.

Mora referendum denied

The controversial Mora High School referendum has failed.

The school’s referendum was whether or not to build a new High School next to Trailview elementary.

The hotly contested part of the referendum is the use of bonds to build the school.

Repairing and renovating the current school would have costed an estimated 25-35 million, while building anew would’ve be an estimated 52 million.

However, state aid was only useable if the project was deemed positive by the Minnesota Department of Education.

The referendum was defeated by almost 700 votes in the final tally.

No Wake Zone

The last few weeks have brought immense amounts of rainfall to East Central MN.

This has left water levels higher than average, and shorelines and islands at risk.

To combat this, there has slow, no wake zones 300 feet from shore implemented.

Lakes that are affected are East Rush, West Rush, Goose, Robour, and Mandall.

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