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7-7 News: Food Network Star Visits Tesora

Chef Mario Rizzotti Event at Tesora

A local venue is hosting a nationally famous chef.

Tesora restaurant in Siren is hosting Mario Rizzotti, of the hit Food Network show Iron Chef.

Rizzotti is hosting multiple cooking classes at Tesora this weekend, and says the classes will open eyes to new aspects of Italian food.

Tickets are still available for classes with Chef Mario Rizzotti and Chef Adam Weisell this Sunday, July 9th.

Meet and greets are also available.

To reserve your tickets contact Tesora at 715-349-8995.

Renew Police Contract

Pine City is in talks to renew its contract with the Pine County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jeff Nelson presented a new contract going forward that would cover 2018-2020 to the Pine City Council.

The new budget is front loaded to allow the potential of hiring new deputies.

The Sheriff acknowledged the difficulty of more money up front, but believes having more deputies would benefit the area greatly.

The council will continue to examine the proposal before making a decision, but made it clear that they’d be sticking with the Sheriff’s Office and not pursuing an establishment of a local police department, something the city hasn’t had since 1972.

Internet Story

Leaders in Chisago County recently discussed the need for improved broadband in the area.

Community members who spoke at the forum and lived in suburban areas experienced cheaper, faster internet with many options of providers, versus those in rural areas who were limited in choice, had slow speeds, and often costed considerably more.

The state currently allocates 20 million dollars a year for broadband expansion, and is most willing to distribute that to areas that express the highest interest and have plans in place to use it, said Bill Coleman, of Community Technology Advisors

The Upper Kettle River Shakedown Bike Rally/Music Festival 2017

The Upper Kettle River Shakedown Bike Rally/Music Festival 2017 is this weekend.

The events at the rally are being held in Finlayson from 4-8 p.m.

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