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Pine County Fair Kicks off Next Week

Rush City School District Aiming for Tax Dollars

Rush City Public Schools will be looking for support at the polls this fall.

The district made roof repairs to CE Jacobson elementary this summer, as well as fixing the track and parking lots.

The district was able to fund those projects through state given money, but are in need of more funding.

Current planning includes asking the community for taxpayer support of the schools.

Pine County Fair Kicks off Next Week

The Greater Minnesota Get Together is taking stage a week from today.

Unarguably the largest event in the county, the Pine County Fair kicks off next Wednesday.

Pine County Fair Board member of over 30 years, Steve Hallan says the slogan is not taking a shot at the Minnesota State Fair, but rather in reference to the location of the fair.

Hallan added that one of the events at the heart of the fair is the 4H program.

A full list of events at the 2017 Pine County Fair can be found here.

Red Cross Facing Critical Blood Shortage

The Red Cross is looking for the local community’s help.

Currently facing a critical blood shortage, the Red Cross is offering $5 gift cards to anyone who gives blood or platelets today through August 31st.

You can sign up to give blood by using the Blood Donor app or at

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