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Pine City Official Responds to Businesses Leaving, Criticisms

Pine City Official Responds to Businesses Leaving, Criticisms

Some citizens have taken aim at Pine City officials after a few local businesses closed their doors for good recently.

Pine City city administrator Ken Cammilleri said the city has always welcomed new businesses in with open arms.

Cammilleri added the use of land in the city, or zoning, is often misunderstood.

The city administrator of two years, Cammilleri sees a bright future in Pine City.

Pine City recently put out a business retention and expansion survey to help businesses grow and continue to be successful.

Cammilleri also stressed that any citizen with an issue or question is always welcome to go to city council meetings which are held twice a month at city hall.

Hydrant Flushing Goes Into Effect Soon for Pine City Residents

Pine City Utilities Customers should take notice that the city will be flushing all hydrants from September 18th through the 28th.

If crews are seen in the area, it’s recommended you don’t wash a load of white clothes before you’ve done a load of darks.

If you do happen to make a mistake, white clothes can have the iron removed, local hardware stores carry the resources to take it out.

Fall Gathering Held at Pine City Fur Post

A celebration of fall is being held at the North West Company Fur Post in Pine City.

The festival held this Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm features a variety of attractions.

Arts and crafts, activities, a dance and more will all go on at the event.

The event commemorates how fur traders 200 years ago would celebrate the success of the trading season with a massive party.

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