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Local News Bulletin 10-5: Car Wash in Pine City, Rock Creek Meeting, Insurance Options and more

More Insurance Options for Rural Citizens

Expanded health care choices are coming to Minnesota families, especially ones in rural counties such as Pine, thanks to Representative Jason Rarick.

Rarick, who stands for Pine City at the state level, announced that after four years of increases, rising costs would be reversed.

Citizens now will have access to more than one healthcare provider within their current plans.

Rarick said: “Those who are looking for health insurance on the individual market will be pleased to know that they won’t face skyrocketing premium increases as they have in previous years.”

Rarick has represented portions of Pine and Kanabec Counties since his election in 2014.

New Car Wash in Pine City Under Construction

Construction projects taking place on the corner of main street and hillside avenue in Pine City have finally taken a solid direction.

The building that was formerly Old Highway 61 Auto Sales and was amidst construction has now transformed into a new business, according to the Pine City Chamber of Commerce.

As more progress is made and building is complete more details will come forward including an opening date, and can be heard right here on WCMP.

Rock Creek Meeting to Approve North Star Sanitation

An upcoming meeting in Rock Creek will determine whether or not a new sanitation business can operate locally.

A public hearing with the planning commission of Rock Creek will oversee the discussion of whether or not to allow North Star Sanitation to collect in that area.

North Star Sanitation is a newer startup sanitation business, who’s in talks with other surrounding cities to begin collecting waste, and will jockey for the Pine City contract in 2018.

All interested parties are invited to attend and be heard on the matter and will be held at the Rock Creek City Center Monday, October 16th at 7 pm.

ECRL Closed October 10th

The East Central Regional Library chain will be closed on October 10th, but not for a holiday.

Instead, the library system will be closed due to their 2nd annual all-staff training day.

The libraries will have signs posted outside saying this as well, and will reopen the next day as usual.

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