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Fire Tears Through Historic Grantsburg Farm

Fire at 100+ Year Old Farm in Grantsburg

A beloved 100 year old dairy farm saw its original barn and parlor burn down yesterday in Grantsburg.

The damage didn’t stop there either, at Four Cubs Farm.

Owned by the Petersons, the farm also had to relocate its 800 cows to other farms.

The farm had been milking cows at that location since 1877 and it's currently unknown when they’ll be able to return.

The local community rallied around the farmers in need, and numerous trucks and trailers showed up to help ferry the cows to other welcoming temporary farms.

There has not been official word on what started the fire

Pine Area Lions Benefit

The Pine Area Lions are holding an afternoon event to benefit the local community.

Pine Area Lions will be hosting Turkey Bingo at the Rock Creek Community Center on Sunday, November 12th at 2 pm.

Proceeds from the event will support the community.

Rummage Sale

An ever popular and massive rummage sale is taking place in North Branch.

The Indoor Rummage and Craft Sale at the Uptown Maple Commons will have a vast array of items.

Items to choose from include home decor, books, craft supplies, clothing and more.

There will also be free coffee and treats included just for attending.

The sale is Thursday, November 9th from 9 am to 5 pm.

Vandalism in Pine City

Recently an iconic piece of Pine City was damaged by vandals.

The overlook onto Cross Lake was partially destroyed.

The destruction was reported to the Sheriff’s Department the next day and unconfirmed reports say that a vehicle struck the overlook before being towed out.

Any further developments will be reported as they come in.

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