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Taxes Going up in North Branch; Franchise Fees on Track

The outcome of Tuesday night’s city council meeting in North Branch holds huge implications on what will come out of taxpayer wallets.

Two of the most impactful things discussed were the potential of franchise fees and the raising of the tax levy.

When it came to how they’d rebuild roads, Councilmember Jim Swenson said it’s time for action.

"I'm sitting here and I'm elected to office and I'm supposed to do the best thing for our community. We haven't done anything for eight years. How much longer is it going to go before we say, 'we're going to start fixing our roads'?"

Councilmember Robert Canada was strongly against the franchise fees and voted against both the tax levy and franchise fees going forward.

"I have never been a fan of franchise fees. Never. Never since we even brought it up. So, in conclusion, I'm listening to the people and I will take that matter and that I will vote no for this going forward."

Ultimately, the franchise fees will go to a final proposed ordinance, likely presented in December.

A 4.62% tax levy increase for the city was passed near the end of the meeting.

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