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Pine County Children 'Shop with a Cop'

This week the Pine County Sheriff’s Office made Christmas for a handful of local kids much brighter.

The Sheriff’s Office ran a “Shop with a Cop” program at the Walmart in Pine City where kids partnered with a member of the department and chose their Christmas gifts. Sheriff Jeff Nelson said some children looked outside their own wants for Christmas gifts.

"We had others that thought of I think every sibling in the house, got them a present, and I think one bought his own wrapping paper, tape, and everything to make sure they could get wrapped and ready for his brothers and sisters."

He added that the experience for kids can set up positive views on law enforcement going forward.

"It makes an impact on us as adults, so I know it's making an impact on the kid. When they see a uniform in a non-scary interaction and actually look forward to law enforcement interacting with them."

The Shop with a Cop program is going on almost ten years now in Pine County.

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