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Drones Creating Buzz at Pine Tech and Community College

A course offered at Pine Technical and Community College lets those interested break into the world of drones.

The course gives attendees the tools to succeed when it comes time to take the test to receive their license to fly a drone for more than a hobby.

Sean Stevens, who teaches the course at Pine Technical and Community College, explained that you need a certification if you want to have a career in the field.

"If you want to charge for it- if you want to be an aerial photographer or videographer, if you want to use your drone to do agricultural mapping, if you want to do infrastructure inspection, the certificate is the gateway thing you have to have if you want to get into any of the career fields that are using drones nowadays."

Stevens added that incredible breakthroughs are happening thanks to the involvement of drones.

"The things that are being done on the micro level are amazing: pharmacies delivering prescriptions to people who can't get to them via drones, people doing delivery of automated defibrillators to rural communities that don't have access to a medical center nearby."

The drone course begins January 11th from 6-9 pm and runs roughly a month.

You can sign up by visiting and searching “drones”.

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