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Hinckley Post Office Collection Box Broken Into

For the third time since October, a post office drop box in Pine County was broken into.

The drop box was last known to be secured on Saturday afternoon, January 13th and had been found to be broken into on Monday afternoon, January 15th.

Citizens who dropped mail off at the box between Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon should make sure their post arrived where it was intended and that it wasn't stolen. However, most of the mail that was inside of the box was reportedly still inside even after it had been broken into.

"When they found it and opened it up, there was a bunch of mail inside. So a lot of you that did use it- your mail probably went through fine, but just double check if you know you're in that Saturday to Monday area. We're not exactly sure when it happened at this point. It's going to maybe complicate some of your bills being sent out and picked up."

The thief or thieves involved in the case put the lock back onto the box after they'd cut it, feasibly to lessen the appearance of a break-in.

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