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North West Company Fur Post Renamed 'Snake River Fur Post'

After entertaining and educating visitors for nearly 50 years, the North West Company Fur Post in Pine City will now go by a new name.

On Thursday it was announced that the Minnesota Historical Society would be renaming the site the "Snake River Fur Post" for a variety of reasons. The first is that voyageurs and Native Americans identified North West Company Fur posts by their location, such as Grand Portage, rather than by general name.

Secondly, the name better captures the many stories of those that used and visited the fur post, such as the Ojibwe, French voyageurs and British fur traders. Lastly, and most simply, the name was changed because it's a "shorter, more memorable name for visitors and staff".

The Snake River Fur Post will reopen for the season with its newly minted name in tow on May 25th.

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