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Rush City Community Stands Together in Attempt to Save Clinic

Last night a group of concerned Rush City citizens called a town hall meeting to discuss to potential departure of the Fairview Clinic.

Roughly 100 attendees met at Rush City High School to brainstorm ideas on how to convince the clinic to keep its doors open, after the surprising announcement came two weeks ago that it would be closing this spring. Lifelong Rush City resident Gary Miller holds Rush City’s well-being near and dear to his heart.

“I've lived in Rush City 77 years. It has been the mainstay of our family; we've had four children born in the Rush City Hospital."

Miller stated concern for the Rush City elderly population, that now would have to travel to Pine City for the nearest clinic.

“If they have to go away to Wyoming or something they're going to have to get special rides and all these things. It's very meaningful to these people and they're very, very concerned of losing this. And what are we going to do as elderly people in the Rush City community?"

While a closing date isn’t set in stone, the Rush City Fairview Clinic is set to shutter its doors sometime this spring citing financial reasons.

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