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Sidewalk and Better Visibility Requested for new Pine City Bridge

The Interstate 35 project that will run through Pine City the next two summers was previewed on Wednesday night at the Pine City Library and didn’t thrill some local lawmakers.

On Thursday morning the Pine City council discussed the project and some, including councilor and former Pine County Chief Deputy Steve Ovick, weren't happy with the plans for the County Road 7 bridge.

The bridge connects Pokegama Lake Road and Hillside Avenue over I-35 where Hillside runs into downtown Pine City. Currently, the plan for the County Road 7 bridge is to replace it with an identical structure.

Councilors decided that they will make a push to include a sidewalk on the bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists, and potentially flatten the roadway somewhat to fix the current visibility issues. An optional addition requested by the council was an aesthetic improvement, akin to the artistic-looking North Branch bridge over I-35.

The council has begun reaching out to state lawmakers such as Pine City representative Jason Rarick to make their voices heard on the state level and potentially catch the eye of MnDOT.

More about the I-35 project that will begin this spring can be found here and has major implications for travel in and around Pine City.

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