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Elections for Pokegama Township Board Set for Next Week

Pokegama Township elections for the town board are set to take place next week.

Elections for the town board will feature two open spots for the role of town board supervisor. The elections will take place on Tuesday, March 13th at Pokegama Town Hall.

Polls will be open from 10 AM to 8 PM that day and afterwards residents are encouraged to attend the annual meeting at 8:15.

If you’re unable to vote in the election, absentee voting is March 10th from 10 AM to noon and March 12th from 3-5 PM, or you can call to make an appointment.

Tom Brytowski and Tom Rice are both running for township board supervisor roles against the incumbent members. Brytowski will go up against long-time board chair David Deutschlander, while Rice is opposing Wayne Whited, the Brook Park Fire Chief.

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