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One Braham Student Dead in Auto Crash

UPDATE: the second student in the vehicle has now passed away. Click here for the new story.

One Braham student is dead after an auto crash that took place Saturday.

An announcement was made during halftime of the Braham vs. Hinckley-Finlayson boys basketball game that the accident occurred and that one student had passed away. Along with that announcement, WCMP has received confirmation from other reliable sources about the crash.

From the school:

"We are deeply saddened tonight to learn of the passing of Braham Area School’s Gavin Butenhoff (11th grade). Gavin was a treasured member of our Bomber family and his family is in our thoughts and prayers. Gavin’s twin sister, Grace, also attends our school while Hannah attends the ALC in Cambridge and Mitchell attends Mora Elementary.

Also involved in the traffic accident was Braham Area School’s Alexis Hasser, (12th grade). Alexis is in critical condition and all our prayers go out to Alexis and her family.

The school will be open tomorrow, Sunday, March 11, from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. for students, staff, and the community of Braham as a central gathering place. We will have licensed counselors and clergy on site.

This is a time a deep sadness for our Braham Community. We offer our love and support for all those hurting.


Ken Gagner Superintendent of Schools"

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