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Naked Woman Unlawfully Enters Hinckley Residence, Showers

Things took a turn for the strange Monday after what’s been a quiet spring for bizarre crimes in Pine County.

The Pine County Sheriff’s Office reported that on Monday, April 9th a woman allegedly showed up to a Hinckley man’s doorstep lacking in the clothing department.

Despite being unwelcome, the woman then disrobed completely and entered the man’s residence.

Upon entry she made her way to the bathroom and proceeded to take a shower. At this point, the young man contacted the Pine County Sheriff’s Office to have her removed, said Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson.

“When the deputies got there they determined that there was some things going on with that female that weren’t right. There was some impairment, if you will, from some chemicals. They got her an ambulance, got her up to the hospital, and did an evaluation on her.”

Sheriff Nelson summed up the event in simplest terms.

“One more reason that I’m going to continue to tell people not to use drugs.”

The sheriff's office did not identify the woman, who was not jailed, but will likely face charges.

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