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Bluejackets Win Mora Bad Weather Invite

Track and Field

With the late winter, sports teams are having to get creative to get in the required amount of events. Some area track and field teams held a "Bad Weather Invite" Thursday at the FirstLight Wellness Center in Mora. The Cambridge-Isanti Bluejackets won in both the boys and the girls overall.


Cambridge-Isanti was victorious in the boys portion of the meet winning 10 out of the 15 events scored. The Bluejackets scored more than double every other team in the meet.

Cal Wright from Mora was one of the only people to beat any of the Bluejackets winning three events of his own. Pine City saw several second place finishes with no first place finishes.


  1. Cambridge-Isanti 126

  2. Mora 51

  3. Pine City 34.5

  4. Elk River 34


The girls from Cambridge-Isanti were equally as dominant as their male counterparts. The Bluejackets won a majority of the events and had a commanding victory. The Dragons relay team won the 4x800 meter race for the lone first place finish.


  1. Cambridge-Isanti 108.5

  2. Mora 50

  3. Pine City 28

  4. Elk River 24

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