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Robber in Siren Turns out to be Hungry Black Bear

There is no excuse for stealing, but this thief had a bear-y good reason.

Last night the Burnett County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call for a robbery in progress at a home in Siren.

When Siren Police and Sheriff's deputies arrived on scene, the 'suspect' fled into the woods. After searching the area, law enforcement personnel determined that the perpetrator was in fact a large, hungry black bear.

The bear was drawn to the area by the tantalizing smell of a garbage can which had sunflower seeds in it (a tasty snack, no doubt). To avoid future conflict, the sheriff's office said to be cautious during this season.

"We are reminding citizens that this is the time of the year that hungry bears wake up looking for an easy food source. Winter is nearly over and now is a good time to remove bird feeders to avoid conflict with bears."

The furry suspect is still at large.

(photo courtesy of the Burnett County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page)

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