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Cutbacks for Rush City Schools Total $280k

The Rush City School district has undergone a series of hardships in the last year, including more recent cuts.

Those cuts include not purchasing a bus, eliminating the school psychologist position and reductions for multiple other positions.

In total, the complete list of cutbacks comes to $280,000.

This is a season of change for the district as well, as Superintendent Theresa Dupre will retire in July and be replaced by William Campbell. Campbell, who hails from Georgia, is currently finalizing contract agreements with the district. The current holdup is that he'll need a superintendent licensure variance from the Board of School Administrators in Minnesota but has submitted a request to do so.

According to Superintendent Theresa Dupre, BOSA received it but has asked for more information.

"BOSA members met on Monday, April 9th and have delayed their decision regarding the variance due to their request for additional information. We have provided the information requested, and hope to learn more early next week from BOSA."

Should the request be approved, Campbell will begin at his post on July 1st.


Editor's note:

As of the publishing of this article on April 17th, no new info from BOSA has been released but will be added upon release.

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