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Rarick: School Safety Bill 'Never About Gun Control'

After weeks of debate, the Minnesota House finally passed a bill that would send funds to aid school safety across Minnesota.

Pine City and Mora Representative Jason Rarick said the bill was never about gun control.

“We've believed all along this year that safety is the issue, not gun control. It's about 'how do we protect our kids in schools?' We've provided some one-time money to help the schools with their infrastructure if they have needs that they feel can improve security that way."

Rarick said that ongoing funds will become available as well, to potentially place school resource officers.

“We have some ongoing funds that each school can determine how to best use it for their needs. If that's a school resource officer, or whatever they feel is needed in their school to help protect our kids."

Local schools would have control over fund usage, as usage would vary among schools across the state.

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