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Sandstone Climber Stuck for Over Four Hours

A 13 year old female got stuck rock climbing in Sandstone on Wednesday afternoon. Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson told WCMP Thursday morning, the young climber was about 35 feet off the ground when her knee got lodged in a crevice at Robinson Park in Sandstone.

The teenager was part of a rock climbing class and had all the proper safety gear and techniques when the freak accident occurred.

The Sheriff's office reported to the scene a little before 4:00 on Wednesday. The Sheriff stated that they used multiple tools and techniques including jaws of life, Dawn dish soap, and cutting off clothing to try to peel the young girl's leg from the rocks. After over four hours of work the emergency response teams were finally able to assist her down to the ground safely. Sheriff said the teenager was in "good spirits" and was joking around despite the pain and anxiety of the situation.

Isanti County Fire Department, Sandstone Fire Deparment, and St. Louis County Sheriff's Department assisted the Pine County Sheriff's office withe the resuce. Sheriff Nelson said, "It's good to have those relationships in place with some of the neighboring agencies and being able to call on them for those kinds of resources we don't have a whole lot of need for."

The teenager was transported by ambulance to the hospital and no serious injuries were reported.

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