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New Business to Bring 200 More Jobs to Pine County

The Pine County board has approved a business development loan for EZ Box LLC.

Ez Box is family owned business that manufactures safer electrical outlet and switch boxes. These new electrical boxes are safer because they are secured without the use of screws or nails which can cause electrical arcs that can start fires.

EZ Box LLC is owned by Glen Liubakka. Once his business is up and running, Liubakka plans on building a manufacturing facility.

Liubakka said, "We (Ez Box LLC.) are committed to Pine City. We will sign an agreement with the city to build a manufacturing center in the industrial park."

The manufacturing facility will be just the beginning for the company. There are plans to add on to the facility as they grow in the future.

The company should be able to start producing parts by next year, and Liubakka hopes to add at least 200 jobs in the Pine County area over the next five years.

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