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MnDOT Urges Motorists to use Caution Around Snowplows

As snow begins to blanket the state, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging motorists to be careful around snowplows.

Plows travel much slower than other vehicles because it is allows them to clear snow most effectively.

Acting state maintenance engineer Todd Stevens said that snow clouds created during plowing severely restricts the operator vision.

Stevens said, "Their vision is also hampered by the snow clouds created while they plow. So, the safest place you can be is well behind the snowplow and away from the snow cloud it creates."

MnDOT asks drivers to stay back a minimum of 10 car lengths between your vehicle the plow, stay alert around plows and to avoid driving through snow clouds.

In 2017, there were 84 collisions involving snowplows reported in Minnesota.

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