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Ancient Artifact Stolen from Public Library

The Pine County Sheriff's Office is asking Pine City residents to be on the lookout for a person, or persons, with a fondness for leather, big hair and loud guitars.

The Pine City Public Library reports that their copy of the Scorpions 2002 greatest hits compilation Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions was stolen sometime last week. The compilation was noticed missing by library staff last week when its CD case was found empty.

The copy of Bad for Good owned by the Pine City Public Library is valued at $14.

Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions features singles spanning seven of the band's records, plus two unreleased tracks. It is also the 30th compilation the band has released since 1979.

While the sheriff's office is investigating the theft, it is up to the public to decide whether the thief is a fake fan since he stole a greatest hits compilation and not any of the band's critically acclaimed work.

It will be a long time before a "Wind of Change" is again felt within the walls of the Pine City library.

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