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Highway 61 Film Festival Looking for Judges

The Highway 61 Film Festival is looking for a few film buffs to serve as judges.

These judges will be picking from one or more of the film categories: Drama Feature or Short, Documentary, Comedy Feature or Short, Action/Horror, Animation, Minnesota Made and finally Student Short.

They will help pick the winners for the 2019 festival.

“We’ve had hundreds of films submitted to our festival this year, and we’re looking to send the very best ones to our judges,” said Patrick Schifferdecker, a director of the annual Pine City film festival. “If you love movies, you’ll love this job.”

You will need a good internet connection and computer to review the films because they are only available online.

Judges will watch up to 10 films with most being under 40 minutes.

There is no rule dictating how you watch the films as long as judges send in their rankings by the due date.

“In the past, some people watch the films by themselves, but some make it a party and invite friends,” Schifferdecker said. “The only real rule is you need to watch all the selections submitted to you, rank them as best as you possibly can – and send in your rankings by Feb. 15.”

The ninth annual Highway 61 Film Festival will take place in Pine City on April 4-7. People who participate as judges will get an all-access weekend pass and free passes for friends to the festival.

People interested in judging can send an email to

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