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Pine City School District not Impacted by Legislation to Forgive Snow Days

A bill passed by Minnesota's Senate to forgive this year’s snow days will not affect the Pine City School District.

This year's record-setting winter forced many schools in the state to miss multiple days of school, and some districts were preparing to cancel their spring breaks in order to meet the required minimums set by the state. By law, schools are required to have over 165 days and over 1000 hours of instructional time.

The bill was passed with little resistance from senators last week.

The Pine City School District was one of the more fortunate districts in the state, only missing four days of school in January. Superintendent Annette Freiheit told WCMP that the district was still above the minimum required time, but the students needed to make up vital instructional time.

"It's in an important part of the year because we are doing a lot of instruction and alignment for our state standardized testing, so they [the school board] felt it was important for students to make up two of those four days," said Freiheit.

The district has already made up one missed school day with plans to make up the second one later this month.

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