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Pine County Sheriff Praise Hinckley Girl for Helping Save her Grandmother

The Pine County Sheriff's Office is praising a 12-year-old Hinckley girl for her quick thinking and keeping a cool head which helped save her grandmother's life.

The girl was spending time with her grandmother when her grandmother started having a medical emergency that was related to her diabetes.

Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson told WCMP that the 12-year-old was aware of her grandmother's condition so when she noticed something was wrong, the girl was able to call for help and give authorities crucial details.

Nelson went onto say that informing your loved ones about any ongoing medical conditions is extremely important. "If it is a known medical issue like that, have some of that information available around you for loved ones that are able to get help," said Nelson.

Writing down your home address so it is easy to find in the event of an emergency is crucial. Nelson said, " A lot of times with technology what it is, the younger people on top of that don't always know what their address is."

While emergency dispatch is able to locate callers to a certain extent, being able to relay an address will save precious response time.

Sheriff Nelson said that it was this knowledge that the Hinckley girl used to help save her grandmother's life.


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