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Steele Breaks Cross Country Record

Cross country is not for everyone. It takes a special person to have the drive to run miles every single day. The drive and determination is paying off for Alaina Steele.

Alaina Steele has been competing in cross country at the varsity level since her 8th grade year. And she has been nothing short of great. Her first year on varsity she posted her best time 20:33 in the conference meet. She wouldn’t stop there. With a time of 20:26.8 in 2017, she had the 16th best time in the state. Every year she pushes herself to be better, and in 2018 she posted her fastest time ever with a 19:43.1. That same year she also had the 4th fastest time in the state championship.

Alaina placed third overall yesterday. Pine City's Nate Webster also placed third.

Photo Credit: Jenna Steele

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