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High School Volleyball Update

As we near the end of the volleyball regular season let’s take a look at where your favorite team stands:

Braham 7-9

QRF Ranking: 124th in State 3rd in Section 5A North A

The Bombers started 0-6 to begin the season before rattling off five straight wins. They lost three straight games before winning their last two. The Bombers season has been back and forth between winning and losing streaks, but the Bombers are hoping this last winning streak continues through the end of the season.

East Central 0-17

QRF Ranking: 182nd in State 6th in Section 5A North A

The East Central Eagles have had a tough season. While not having won a single game, they have only won one set all year. The Eagles are hoping they can turn the season around just in time for post season play.

Hinckley-Finlayson 4-11

QRF Ranking: 161st in State 4th in Section 5A North A

The Jaguars started the season 0-5 before winning their first game. Much like the teams mentioned above the Jaguars haven’t had much success during the regular season, but with the post season in sight there’s no better time to get hot.

Rush City 6-5

QRF Ranking: 99th in State 2nd in Section 5A North A

Rush City is undefeated in the section and has only lost one game in the conference. Which bodes well for the Tigers as they close in on the playoffs.

Mora 5-11

QRF Ranking: 92nd in State 11th in Section 7AA

Mora has struggled in the conference as only one of their five wins has come in conference play. They have only played one section opponent up to this point in the season, and unfortunately they fell in that lone section game.

North Branch 13-1

QRF Ranking: 1st in State 1st in Section 7AA

The North Branch Vikings are continuing on their success from last years’ state championship win. Their only loss on the season came in their home tournament against non conference and non section opponent Sartell-St. Stephen, who would go on to win the tournament. Led by seniors Kylie Kline, Paige Sheehan, and Cianna Selbitschka the North Branch Vikings look to push for another state title.

Pine City 12-6

QRF Ranking: 65th in State 7th in Section 7AA

The Dragons started out the season on the wrong foot at 2-4. The season has made a full 360 as they have won ten of their last twelve games. The Dragons look to continue their win streak though their last five games, as four of the five teams they play they have already beat this season.

Cambridge-Isanti 6-11

QRF Ranking: 72nd in State 7th in Section 7AAA

The Bluejackets play in a very tough conference and section. Last year only winning three games the Bluejackets have doubled that win total and have won seven games this year. Cambridge-Isanti has three games left as they hope to end the regular season with a win.

Photo Credit: MSHSL Vollyeball page

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