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Pine City Shines at Individual Conference Tournament

The Pine City Dragons tennis team traveled to Foley on Saturday for the individual conference tournament. Here’s how the Dragons placed:


1. Lydia Adams 2nd place

2. Ella Sell 2nd place

3. Addison Sell 2nd place

4. Lily Struss Consolation Champion


1. Maddie Berglund/Katie Miller 1st place

2. Sophia Lahti/Claire Emmons 3rd place

3. Malia Mikyska/Emily Guzik 2nd place

Head Coach Kristin Unverzagt said “It was an awesome day of tennis with many tight matches, the girls came ready to play and battled hard.” The Dragons play their final regular season match on Thursday in Duluth against Duluth Marshall. The Dragons are the #2 seed and will host Mora on Monday at 3:30pm for the first round of the playoffs.

Photo Credit: Lance Furber

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