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Absentee voting begins for Pine City School District referendum

Absentee voting for Pine City Schools’ referendum questions begins today, according to the school district’s website.

The referendum vote is scheduled for Feb. 13 at the Pine City School District Office.

Superintendent Dr. Cindy Stolp said the district is planning community meetings to help answer the public’s questions about the proposed projects.

Voters will decide on three questions on the referendum ballot. Stolp said the first largely concerns the state of the Pine City elementary school.

"We have some pretty significant problems with the foundation under the area that had a swamp under it," Stolp said. "So that's a pretty big concern. And then just the age of the building, it's showing its wear and tear. We have mechanical problems."

According to a description of the proposed construction project, the total cost for elementary school work as part of Ballot Question #1 is $31,502,096.

The price tag including construction at the high school and renovations to the district-owned Car City site for the alternative learning center is $37,943,437.

The second question pertains to remodeling special education, cafeteria, and group learning spaces at the high school.

"Question two is redesigning some things at the high school to make it more of a learning space," Stolp explained. "Right now, it's been changed and changed and changed again, so it's kind of chopped up, and we would really like it to be a smooth, open, and really good learning environment."

The cost associated with Ballot Question #2 is $3,130,526. The most expensive facet is cafeteria renovations, estimated at $746,250.

Stolp said the third question is geared toward district athletic facilities.

Ballot Question #3 carries a $8,684,578 price tag. A gymnasium addition at the high school accounts for most of those costs, at $6,967,750.

Absentee voters can vote in person at the auditor’s office in the Pine County Courthouse or by requesting a ballot through the mail.

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