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Agritourism Workshop in Mora Scheduled for Later this Month

The University of Minnesota Extention Office will be hosting an Agritourism workshop later this month.

The US Census of Agriculture shows an increasing trend in Agritourism and related recreational services. Agritourism income grew by 67% from 2007 to 2017. The 2017 Census of Agriculture showed 28,575 farms offered Agritourism resulting in $949 million in sales.

Agritourism could be anything from u-pick produce operation, corn maze, or hosting

farm stays.

Pine County Agriculture Educator Rod Greder says this is a result of consumers wanting to know more about their food.

"Consumers are intrigued by where their food comes from," Greder said during a segment on WCMP. "A lot of us maybe grew up in a city, but our grandparents still had a farm. Being out there wasn't as big of a deal because we grew up going out to the farm on the weekends. That's not the case now... They kind of romanticize it, and they love to get out there."

Attendees will get a chance to meet with farmers and farm business owners to discuss the challenges of hosting the public on your property. Along with the conversation, those in attendance will also tour Sapsucker Farms Cidery.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, September 23, at Sap Sucker Farms in Mora.

You must pre-register through the extension website. It costs $25 if you register before September 13.

Those with questions can contact Rod Greder at (320) 591-1662 or

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