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All three ballot questions fail in Pine City School District facility referendum

All three ballot questions failed to pass in the Pine City School District facility referendum.

According to election results from the Pine County Auditor-Treasurer's Office, the first ballot question (regarding projects at the elementary school and ALC, as well as long-term high school maintenance), failed by 20 votes, with 801 voting yes and 821 voting no.

The second question on the ballot focused on a special education suite and cafeteria upgrades at the high school, and failed with 609 voting yes and 996 voting no.

The ballot's third question primarily concerned increasing gym space at the high school, and failed with 491 voting yes and 1,110 voting no.

Questions two and three were also contingent on the first ballot question passing.

In an interview last week, school board chair James Foster said that the first question failing would put the district in a dire predicament. The likelihood of the elementary school not being habitable by students and teachers would be high in the next few years.

"The risk we run there is kids in portable classrooms, teachers having to teach out of portable classrooms. It would not be a good situation," he said. "And then we would still be in the same boat."

In the same interview, Foster added that the district would likely go back for a referendum in May if the first question failed.

Absentee voting for the first question included 128 yes votes and 169 no votes. Voters at the polling site at the Pine City High School placed 673 yes votes and 652 no votes.

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