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Benzen, Jones Honored for Actions During Braham Bus Garage Fire

Two employees of the City of Braham have received commendation letters for their actions during the fire at the Braham bus garage.

Braham Police Chief Kevin Stahl wrote one for Public Works employee Jeff Jones. According to Stahl, Jones was working in a bobcat when he noticed the building on fire the morning of January 17.

"I believe Jeff's actions that day went above and beyond what is expected of anyone," Stahl wrote in the letter. "His actions directly saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in property loss."

During a council meeting on February 7, Stahl said that Jones personally drove three buses from the garage while it was on fire. He did what needed to be done "with no thought for himself, or personal gain."

When asked about the situation, Jones said, "They would've done the same for me."

Braham Fire Cheif Ross Benzen was also acknowledged by Captain John Elder of the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office for Benson’s leadership at the scene in coordinating everyone involved in fighting the fire.

"We saw the true need to have leadership at incidents such as these. Ross provides this leadership," Elder wrote.

Both men were acknowledged and thanked by the Braham City Council during a meeting on February 7.

Mayor Nate George also extended his thanks to everyone involved at the scene that day.

"We don't have letters for them, but they, without a doubt, did a fantastic job," George said. "I want to see more of these (commendation letters). This is awesome. We need to highlight our people and let the public know the great things our public workers do for the community."

Picture taken by Joe Keyport.

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