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Burnett County authorities safely locate missing woman

Updated: Jul 10

A woman who went missing from a group home on July 7 in Burnett County has been safely located.

According to a press release, Burnett County Sheriff's Office dispatch received a call from a group home on New Moon Drive in Meenon Township about a resident seen leaving on foot at about 9:20 p.m.

She was identified as 22-year-old Ashley Janisch. She is under a court-ordered placement at the group home.

An investigation found that Janisch was picked up by a passing motorist a short time after leaving the group home.

The sheriff's office conducted a neighborhood canvass to locate Janisch, along with a K9 and drone search.

Janisch reportedly spent some time in North Branch on July 8, leaving the Budget Host Inn on foot sometime in the middle of the night after arriving there at approximately 7 p.m.

She was found at a hotel in Forest Lake.

Photo courtesy of Burnett County Sheriff's Office

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