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Burnett County DA Rules July 2 Shooting was Justified

Burnett County District Attorney James Jay Rennicke has ruled that the shooting of a suspect by a Burnett County Sheriff's Deputy was justified.

The announcement was made on Thursday, July 21.

According to Rennicke's letter, law enforcement was called to the Fishbowl Tavern in Danbury at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 2, with the report of a disturbance. The suspect, later identified as Darryl Hanson, was located walking around the parking lot shouting profanities and waving around a pistol at different patrons.

The letter says that Deputy Mark Peterson was the first responder at the scene and reported seeing patrons duck behind vehicles.

It is stated that Hanson walked across the roadway to a grassy area. Deputy Peterson reportedly drove his squad car, with emergency lights on, into the grassy and got out of his vehicle to engage with Hanson.

Peterson shouted for Hanson to drop the gun, to which reportedly Hanson repeatedly refused.

DA Rennicke's letter went on to say that Hanson began to walk down the road toward various cabins and houses. Hanson was reported to have raised the gun on several occasions while walking and would sometimes stop to face Deputy Peterson.

The report states that Hanson told Deputy Peterson to shoot him while waving his gun in the air; however, Peterson stated that he did not want to shoot Hanson and to put the gun down so they could talk.

Two DNR Wardens and a second deputy joined Deputy Peterson while he followed Hanson down the road toward a pathway to a house.

During the encounter, the second deputy, Greg Chafer, went to deploy his taser; however, Hanson reportedly turned quickly to point his gun at the gathered law enforcement.

It was then Deputy Peterson fired three shots from his service pistol, striking Hanson.

Hanson was treated at the scene for his gunshot wounds before being taken to the hospital for further medical treatment.

Rennicke concluded in his letter that Deputy Peterson "acted in a reasonable and lawful manner in defense of himself and others" and further action against Deputy Peterson by Rennicke's office is not needed.

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I am a bit confused, why did the deputy have to fire 3 times? Was the victim hit by all 3 shots? I am glad to hear that the deputy's shots werent lethal head or chest shots. At least this deputy has a bit of understanding and obviously has some knowledge or training about how to deal with someone whom may have been suffering from mental-health issues and therefore adverted another unnecessary death. PROPS to this deputy WAY-2-GO in actually doing your job correctly! I hope more officers learn to conduct themselves as you have.... THANKS

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