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Burnett County Sheriff's Office Purchases Robot for Emergency Response Team

The Burnett County Sheriff’s Office says they have received their robot that will be used by the Emergency Response Team.

Sheriff Tracy Finch says the robot can be used by law enforcement to open doors, disable vehicles, and communicate with suspects through a live video feed.

"It should be a lifesaver for our emergency response team," Finch told WCMP. "It will allow us to more safely see what is going on inside a structure or other visually obstructed areas which will put law enforcement at a reduced risk."

Finch says she’s grateful to those who contributed to getting the equipment.

The robot was made by ICOR Technologies and cost $51,875.00. It was purchased by the sheriff's office with the help of donations.

You can listen to Sheriff Finch talk about the robot during the Burnett County Sheriff's Report from earlier this week.

Photo taken from the ICOR Technologies website.

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