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Community Gathers to Show Support of Pine City Students

Dozens of students, staff, and community members gathered outside of the Pine City High School Thursday morning to show solidarity with students following allegations of racism and harassment.

"We are here today to show support for our students and that everyone in Pine City Schools feels safe," said community member Anna Rieser.

Screenshots of group chats among students featuring uses of the "n-word" and anti-Asian slurs directed at another student were posted to Facebook Tuesday night, causing the district to investigate the matter.

Those gathered held signs with hearts and slogans like "Enough is Enough," "Stop The Hate," and "We Support Our Students."

Among the staff gathered around the flag pole was teacher Jory Magel, who was there to make sure students knew they were supported.

"I think as educators here, we are just really sad to see that some of our kids are treated like that," Magel told WCMP. She went on to say, "We're here to support those students and let them know that we are always available for help and that we are here for them."

The family of the student who was the target of the alleged harassment also attended. The student's father thanked the crowd for their understanding and gathering in support of his child.

In the wake of the allegations, the Pine City School District released a statement saying, "Pine City Public Schools does not condone racism, in any form. We are committed to ensuring that all students are treated equally and can attend school in a comfortable and welcoming environment."

The district went onto say that they will swiftly react to additional concerns involving the incident.

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