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Company Refiles Application for Trade Lake Hog CAFO

The owners of the large-scale hog farm proposed to go in near Trade Lake, Wisconsin, have refiled their permits with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Cumberland LLC’s original application was rejected in August of this year due to concerns over wetlands and manure storage.

This new application included maps and other information related to the affected property.

A report by Tetra Tech Engineering, provided in the application, pushed back on some of the concerns raised by the DNR. The report states that the wetlands studied do not connect with any other bodies of water or wetlands, and they can be avoided by including a buffer where the wetlands encroach on the agricultural field.

Furthermore, Tetra Tech Engineering also stated that they no longer considered certain areas as wetlands. "Wetland soil criteria have been met, but the indicators are likely a relic previous to farming."

Those opposed to the CAFO are asking residents to contact the DNR and point out the dry summer could have affected the application.

No timeline for the review process has been given at this time.

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