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County Road 9 Bridge Project Delayed

The construction project to replace the County Road 9 bridge over the Snake River near Pine City has been delayed.

The project was scheduled to begin this month. However, issues during the engineering process have caused a delay.

"We don't have bridge engineers on staff, so we had to farm that out," Pine County Board Chair Steve Hallan told WCMP. "It took a little longer because every engineering firm is in the same situation; everyone is trying to find workers."

The timeline now looks like work will begin in December of this year, with the construction project impacting the 2024 planting season for farmers working in the area.

County Road 9 itself will also have work done to it this year that Hallan says is still on schedule for this summer.

Travelers will have some disruptions or detours from time to time, but the road will mostly stay open during the process.

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