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Dalbo Man Charged with Hiding a Runaway Child

A 36-year-old Dalbo man is facing charges after allegedly hiding a runaway child.

According to a criminal complaint from the Pine County Sheriff's Office, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was investigating a runaway child missing from the Forest Lake Area since May of 2023.

She had reportedly left her home on a bike with $3000 and two cats.

The complaint stated that she had been texting with an unknown number that was later tied to Shawn Bellach, who was described as the ex-boyfriend of the missing girl's mom.

Bellach had reportedly contacted Forest Lake Police on May 26, 2023, to complain about his ex's parenting skills and provided information that he had taught the girl how to "live as a homeless person."

A cell phone, believed to be in the missing girl's possession, was tracked to a property on Highway 107 near Grasston. The missing girl was located at the property on July 21, hiding in the closet.

Investigators later learned from the property owners that she had been living in a tent in the woods. Law enforcement later discovered a tent with a double bed, food supplies, the missing girl's cat, and an extension cord.

The property owner stated that Bellach had brought the girl to the property and told the owners she was being physically abused at home. The owner thought they were doing a good thing by letting her stay in a tent in the woods while permanent plans were made.

Bellach was later taken into custody, where he was reported to have told law enforcement that he was helping the girl hide because her parents were abusing her.

He admitted that he had previously lied to police about the girl's whereabouts.

He has been charged with felony depriving custody/parent rights. The maximum sentence is two years in prison and/or a $4,000 fine.

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